1. even, plane, smooth, complanate, Math. homaloidal; flat, flat as a pancake, smooth as glass; flush, straight, true; balanced, right, equalized; symmetrical, proportionate, proportional, proportioned, commensurate, correlative.
2. equal, coequal, equipotent, equipollent; on equal or even terms, on the same footing, on a par with; neither more nor less, Inf. six of one, half dozen of another; much the same.
3. equable, uniform, identical, regular, consistent; unvarying, unchanging, unfluctuating, invariable; steady, stable, constant.
4. even-tempered, imperturbable, calm, cool, collected, composed, unruffled, smooth; serene, tranquil, peaceful; neutral, uninvolved, dispassionate. See level-headed(defs.1, 2).
5. flat surface, plane; expanse, open or free space, extent of land, field.
6. height, highness, altitude, elevation, loftiness, extent or distance upward.
7. degree, stage, grade, gradation, scale; status, rank, standing, standard; position, station, class, caste; condition, lot, estate.
8. extent, measure, magnitude, quantity, amount, fullness; shade, strength, intensity; breadth, width, depth, broadness, wideness, height, length; capacity, volume, size, gauge.
9. find one’s or one’s own level
find one's niche, find one's groove, fit in.
10. on the level
Slang. honest, straight, square, on the up-and-up, up front; open, aboveboard.
11. flatten, make flat, flat, even out or off, smooth, smooth out, level off or out, plane.
12. raze, tear down, pull down, take down, bring down, break down, throw down, beat down, batter down; cast down, knock down, fling down, hurl down; fell, prostrate, bulldoze; cut down, chop down, hew down, mow down; demolish, destroy, wreck, devastate, desolate, lay waste.
13. equalize, equate, even up, square, Archaic. equal; regularize, symmetrize, harmonize.
14. aim, point, direct, draw or get a bead on, sight, focus, zero in on; position, mark, peg, train.
15.Slang. put one's cards on the table, tell the truth, hide nothing, be up front, tell the whole truth and nothing but the truth, call a spade a spade.

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